Haiti March

Date:  Tentatively March 18-25, 2018 (Murray State University Spring Break)
Where: Blanquette, Haiti. Blanquette is a rural community in the mountains of Haiti, approximately an hour outside of the nation’s capital, Port Au Prince
Team Leader(s):  Cliff Easter  Youth & Families Pastor
Team Size:  25 Person Max
Team Make-up:  18+
Cost:  Approximately $1,200
Deposit information: TBD
Mission Partner:  Pastor Evans/Congregation Blanquette Church
Deadline to sign up: December 1st
Passport is required
Registration: Form

About this Trip:
We will be doing a trial run of ESL; teaching the children at the school basic English to improve their communication skills while also opening up future opportunities for them. Each day, we will go on hikes to evangelize to the surrounding communities. During the evening, there will be young adult/adult bible studies for both men and women put on in a team effort by both our people and the members of the First Baptist Church of Blanquette.
This is a tentative agenda. There are possibilities of us branching out and learning more about the reforestation of Haiti and how we can help in the future. This would involve traveling during the day to existing compounds where this is happening to figure out the best methods and what would be most applicable for us as we continue maintaining the vanilla vines that have been recently planted near the church.
We are open to other ideas as we realize that there may be some interested that bring many different spiritual talents to the table. We are excited to offer this during Murray State’s Spring Break to enable students to go that would otherwise not have the opportunity. We look forward to hearing back and answering any questions that you may have. If you are unable to go on this trip, we ask for your prayers for our safety and that God’s work be done according to His will.
To sign up, fill out the registration form at the link above.

If you have any questions contact:

Cliff Easter
Youth & Families Pastor
Email: cliff@metrofbc.com
Phone: (618) 638-3601

Jonathan Thompson
Email: jthompson70@murraystate.edu
Phone: (618) 309-2150

Emery Ginger
Email: eginger@murraystate.edu
Phone: (618) 638-5911

Jacob Myers
Email: jmyers25@murraystate.edu
Phone: (618) 638-3356