Memory Saying 2 Yrs – 5 Yrs


1Jesus is the light of the world
2I am the light of the world
3I will live and grow in Jesus
4If I stay in Jesus I will have much fruit
5God takes good care of me
6I don't quit, I perservere
7God made us WONDERFUL!
8Big and small, God made them all
9Even the octopus praises the Lord
10Jesus gives my spirit living water to drink
11I am a wise child, so I work hard
12Jesus died for my sins
13God's word helps me grow
14I obey right away
15I will remember what God has done for me
16I show love to everyone, especially my family
17I am safe in God
18I can't hide anything from God
19I listen and obey; I build my life on the rock (extra points for knowing both parts)
20Jesus is more valuable than anything else
21God can make me new
22I use my tongue wisely
23God's word makes me wiser than my enemies
24God gives me all that I need