Date:  March 27 – March 31
Where: El Coyote Mexico in the San Luis Potosi Providence. (This is not a travel ban area.) Rural area located approximately 90 miles northeast of San Luis Potosi.
Team Leader(s):  John Windings
Team Size:  10 Max
Team Make-up:  18+ unless accompanied by parent or designated guardian.
Cost:  Approximately $1,000 Probably less.
Deposit information: February 15, $200.  Balance before we leave.
Mission Partner:  Octavio Moreno – Pastor of Nunez Christian Church
Deadline to sign up: February 15
Passport is required
Registration: Form

About this Trip:
Pastor Octavio Moreno is a Mission Plant from Mexico City. He, his wife and children have served the El Coyote area for 10+ years. First Baptist Cobden Il partnered with Octavio early in his ministry and build a compound to accommodate Evangelical, Dental, Optometry and Medical teams from supporting churches. The compound is located at Octavio’s home and is very secure.

In the Spring of 2017 a earthquake hit near Mexico City. The effects were felt in the San Luis Potosi area. The Moreno’s home was damaged by the quake and is now very vulnerable to rain and flooding that comes out of the nearby mountains. There was also some minor damage done to the Church in Nunez. The nature of this trip will be Construction to help repair the damage from the quake. Most of the work will be providing demolition, cleanup and support for masonry repair work. A Professional Mason will work on sites to help guide the team in the work.

In order to raise money for the Materials and Supplies, 2 benefit concerts and dinners will be scheduled early in March. One at First Baptist Church Metropolis and one at First Baptist of Cobden. The Concert will feature the retired musical group RENION (The Gospel Group John Windings played with.) This is the 3rd such reunion of the band and it will be called
REUION 3.0. Most of the members of Reunion are actively involved in Missions to the El Coyote area.

Please join us in prayer for this Mission Project. Pray for God to help us raise the $3000 to pay for supplies and materials.

If you have any questions contact:

John Windings
Music and Worship Pastor
Phone: (618) 521-4883